5 Most Heartbreaking Deaths in Vampire Diaries, Ranked

The show is known for its high death toll, but which deaths were the most tragic?

Almost every character in The Vampire Diaries has experienced the loss of loved ones or even their own death.

But not all deaths are the same, some just made fans shrugging their shoulders, while others left us sobbing for several hours.

5. Lexi

Fans said goodbye to Lexi before they had a chance to get to know her better. She came to town to celebrate Stefan’s birthday in season 1, and it was easy to see how close they were.

Unfortunately for everyone, Damon was still in his death phase at the time.

He stabbed Lexi. In front of Stefan. On his birthday. This death became even sadder the more fans learned about Stefan’s devoted friend through numerous flashbacks.

4. Enzo

Enzo has been a vampire for more than 70 years. Damon Salvatore was his cellmate in the 1950s when he was captured by Dr. Whitmore, where they became good friends.

In last seasons, he began an affair with Bonnie, and the couple quickly became one of the most beloved by fans. However, in season 8, he was killed by Stefan on the porch of Bonnie’s house.

3. Jenna

Jenna is the younger sister of Elena’s adoptive mother. After her sister’s death, Jenna’s life was not so easy – she broke up with her boyfriend, had to take care of two children and met vampires.

For a while, she was compelled by Katherine Pierce to keep an eye on Elena and Stefan, and then the vampire made her kill herself, but Jenna survived the incident.

Just as she finally settled with Alaric, she was turned into a vampire and killed during the ritual by Klaus.

2. Jeremy

Jeremy’s death was a real blow to the fans. He was killed by a hungry Silas who woke from his sleep.

If you didn’t sob when Elena denied Jeremy’s death as his body began to decompose, or when she burned down the house with Jeremy’s body inside, accepting that her brother would never return, then you probably don’t have tear ducts.

1. Stefan

At the end of the last season, Stefan saved Damon and sacrificed himself to ensure the destruction of Katherine and Hell. In doing so, he gave Damon a quiet human life.

After his death, he says goodbye to Elena and meets his best friend Lexi in the other world. Without a doubt, this is the death that had the most fans in tears.

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