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Downton Abbey’s Amy Nuttall ‘back with estranged husband Andrew Buchan’

Downton Abbey’s Amy Nuttall and Broadchurch actor Andrew Buchan are thought to be giving things another go in their marriage, after he was seen with his wedding ring back on

Downton Abbey’s Amy Nuttall is thought to be “back with estranged husband Andrew Buchan” after he had an affair with his co-star, Leila Farzad.

Neil, 44, is believed to have left his wife of 11 years, Amy, 40, for Leila, also 40, who he met on the set of BBC crime drama, Better Together.

But it seems that Amy and Broadchurch actor Andrew could be giving things another go, after he was spotted driving away from the family home with his wedding ring firmly intact – although Amy is thought not to be wearing hers at the moment.

Amy is said to have wanted a divorce from Andrew, with whom she shares two children, but then changed her mind after he promised to change.

A source told The Sun: “Amy was, understandably, devastated to learn of the infidelity and wanted a clean break and a fresh start.

“But Andrew has come back to her and promised to change.

“They have been working through their problems and are trying to put the love triangle behind them for the sake of their family.”

OK! has contacted Amy and Andrew’s reps for comment.

Amy is said to have worked out Andrew’s infidelity after spotting a series of clues, including him buying a set of lingerie that wasn’t for her.

She also realised that Andrew had been staying in London hotels which were very close to home, and wondered why.

Amy was described as “heartbroken” after finding out about the affair, which saw Andrew move out of the family home and reportedly move in with Leila for a period of time.

“It has broken Amy, it has been so dreadfully sad to see,” a friend told MailOnline at the time.

“She got wind that something was going on and she knew she had to say something so she confronted Andrew about it. It must have been the most difficult thing Amy has ever had to do.”

Andrew and Leila take on the lead roles in the crime drama series, Better Together, which sees Leila play Lou Slack, a corrupt police detective who allows the crimes of gangster Col McHugh, played by Andrew, slide in exchange for tip offs to advance her career.

Amy found fame as the youngest understudy to ever play the lead of Christine in The Phantom of the Opera at just 17, before getting her break in Emmerdale as Chloe Atkinson and Ethel Parks in Downton Abbey.

She is also a professional singer, having performed at the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall and became the winner of the celebrity edition of Stars In Their Eyes in 2004.

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