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The Gilded Age Fans May Have Deduced Season 3’s Biggest Twist

There’s more to Bertha Russell than meets the eye.

It’s no secret that Bertha and George Russell are two of the most popular characters of The Gilded Age, no matter what they do. Not only do they have great chemistry as a couple, which makes viewers root for them as a union, but they also bring some much needed chaos to the otherwise very low stakes show.

By the end of the second series, the Russell family found themselves on the brink of not one, but two family conflicts, both involving their children. While Bertha was planning her daughter Gladys’ future with a duke, which didn’t seem to sit well with her husband, her son found himself in love with none other than Marian Brook.

While the union may work to Russell’s advantage and further secure her high position in society, there are dangers. Fans believe that the whole direction of season 3 will depend on how Bertha takes the news of the match. Although the majority believe there will be another scandal, others are opting for an unexpected twist.

Will Bertha Russel Accept Marian In S3?

The most obvious root that The Gilded Age can take now is to make Bertha Russell the show’s antagonist for the season. If she were the main source of the society’s problems, it would be a good basis for conflict.

But that is not what the audience wants to see from her in terms of character development.

What would be interesting, on the other hand, is to see Bertha accept Marian into the family and try to use her either as a partner in an alliance or as a tool to secure her own position.

While still in character, either option would help the writers show the depth of her personality, rather than resorting to a ‘black and white’ approach.

“Marian will not be Bertha’s first choice, but she is a relation of a well regarded old New York family and Bertha wants her kids and grandkids accepted by old New York and Marian gets her that,” Redditor JenniferMel13 said.

From Bertha’s point of view, Larry’s marriage to Marian has some clear disadvantages, but the advantages offer way more. After all, her line will continue to be associated with an old money family, even if that family has no money at the moment. The financial troubles would pass, but the names associated with the family would always remain in history.

If you are interested to see how Bertha and George deal with their son’s new affair and what awaits poor Gladys, keep an eye out for the announcement of The Gilded Age season 3. In the meantime, you can stream the first two seasons on Max.

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