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Is Blue Bloods Killing the Reagan Tradition & What Does It Mean?

Despite ending soon, Blue Bloods is in no rush to address its once most important issue. Will the Reagan family’s proudest tradition die off with the show itself?

What is Blue Bloods about? Investigating cases and catching criminals, of course. If we go a bit deeper, it’s about the importance of family. But then we rise from the depth just one level up and see that Blue Bloods is, in fact, about one exact important family investigating cases and catching criminals: the Reagan family.

Ever since 2010, the Reagans have been with us; but they have been with the New York City police force for many decades. Unfortunately, both might end very soon.

Reagans Have Served the Law for Generations

Being avid protectors of the law is the Reagan family’s proudest tradition. From Henry Reagan to Joe Hill, the Reagans have been police officers (or, on occasion, DAs) serving New York City. Three full generations have dedicated their lives to fighting crime — but admittedly, this might just end with the current generation.

Save for Joe Hill, who’s not even a Reagan officially, there are no fourth-generation kids to continue this tradition. There’s no way Nicky will join the law enforcement, and Jack and Sean have shown zero interest in it so far, too. The latter might be too young now and may still change his mind in the future, but the point still stands.

Blue Bloods Finale Ends the Reagan Tradition

Unfortunately, our favorite CBS police drama is coming to a close soon — and it doesn’t have enough time to show Danny’s sons grow up and potentially continue the family tradition.

By the finale of Season 14, we might see two great things end at once: Blue Bloods as a whole and the Reagan family as we and NYC knew it.

The only way to show that the Reagans will keep serving the law that we can think of would be to have a little time jump in the finale and show Sean entering the doors of the Police Academy. This would have been quite poetic, seeing how 14 years ago, the pilot episode showed Jamie graduating from the academy and becoming the newest police officer in the Reagan family.

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