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The Rookie Season 6 Theory Reveals Aaron’s New Love Interest Is Actually The Villain

Aaron Thorsen is seemingly getting a new love interest in The Rookie on ABC, but one theory claims that she could be the Big Bad of season 6.

Aaron Thorsen’s life in The Rookie has been complicated as of late, and his newly teased love interest might continue his bad streak. The ABC police procedural crime drama series, created by Alexi Hawley, has told numerous love stories over the course of its six seasons and 100 episodes (with Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen’s slow burn romance being a fan favorite, of course). As the show’s leading man, John Nolan has had his fair share of love interests in The Rookie, so most of the supporting characters have (understandably) also been unlucky when it comes to romantic relationships.

Towards the end of The Rookie season 6 premiere, the show introduced a new character with undeniable chemistry with Aaron. Although they have not shared many scenes since episode 1, it is evident that the ABC drama series is building up to a romance between the two. However, based on a couple of worrying factors, Aaron probably should not pursue a relationship with this new character, especially because she might be the Big Bad of The Rookie season 6.

Why Blair May Really Be A Villain In The Rookie Season 6

The Rookie cast Danielle Campbell to play Dr. Blair London, Aaron’s therapist, in season 6, and some signs point towards her character being the season’s main antagonist. As many recall, Aaron was shot and in critical condition during the season 5 finale. He survived, but the trauma Aaron endured from the incident meant that he was required (by the LAPD) to go to therapy before being cleared to return to work — enter Blair.

Blair has only appeared in a couple of The Rookie episodes, and while she seems kind and good, the Rookie writers may be trying to pull off a bait-and-switch on the audience. The therapist helped Aaron work through his trauma and overcome it so that he could return to his job with a healthy mindset. However, the procedural drama has featured characters in the past who were introduced as good people and turned out to be antagonists. So, it wouldn’t be too surprising if future episodes of The Rookie season 6 reveal that Blair’s intentions with Aaron are not pure.

Blair could very easily be toying with Aaron’s heart to get closer to him and enact her evil plan.

The premiere of The Rookie season 6 featured the return of Monica Stevens as a villain, but the episode also teased that she is working for someone much more powerful and dangerous. At the hour’s end, Monica called this mysterious person to inform them of Boyd Taylor’s situation, and the next scene was Blair’s introduction to the audience. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but the timing of Blair’s arrival is suspicious, to say the least. Plus, ABC can’t just cast Campbell to play a love interest since it would be way more interesting if she is the Big Bad.

The Rookie Season 6 Is Already Teasing An Aaron & Blair Romance

It was clear from their first interaction in The Rookie season 6, episode 1 that a romance between Aaron and Blair was inevitable. Sparks flew between Aaron and Blair, and their second scene in episode 4 proved they are developing feelings for one another. Aaron’s heartbeat spiked when he shook Blair’s hand, and she stared longingly at him as he left her office. It’s only a matter of time before they try to pursue a relationship (even if their status as therapist and client significantly complicates matters).

If he falls in love with Blair and it’s later revealed she is the Big Bad, Aaron might never recover from this final blow in The Rookie .

Even if they can overcome the taboo of a therapist dating their patient, the theory that Blair is who Monica was talking to on the phone in the premiere indicates that Aaron and Blair’s relationship was doomed from the start. Blair could very easily be toying with Aaron’s heart to get closer to him and enact her evil plan. Following the slew of boring and low-key villains in The Rookie, the ABC drama needs an intriguing and complex antagonist that terrorizes the characters for more than one episode, and Blair might be the perfect person for the Big Bad role.

What Blair Being A Villain Would Mean For Aaron’s Season 6 Story

The Rookie won’t let Aaron catch a break if Blair is a villain. As mentioned above, the police officer almost died in the season 5 finale. Before that, Aaron was wrongfully accused of murdering his friend and roommate. Most recently, Celina turned down Aaron’s romantic advances and told him she sees him only as a friend in The Rookie’s 100th episode. Aaron keeps getting pushed down when he tries to get up. So, if he falls in love with Blair and it’s later revealed she is the Big Bad, Aaron might never recover from this final blow in The Rookie.

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