‘The Golden Girls’: 4 Rose Nylund Moments That Had Fans Teary-Eyed

The Golden Girls’ Rose Nylund (Betty White) is one of the most significant characters in TV history. White entertained audiences with her performance as the kind-hearted yet naive Rose for seven years. The character provided plenty of laughs with her St. Olaf stories, which annoyed her roommates. However, there were also heartbreaking moments with Rose, … Read more

‘Jeopardy!’ fans skewer contestants over Betty White flub: ‘Good grief!’

This was the clue that stumped all three “Jeopardy!” contestants. St. Olaf would be very disappointed. None of the players on Friday’s episode of “Jeopardy!” correctly answered a $400 clue about late American treasure Betty White in the “Everything’s Coming Up Rose” category. “In 1986 she won an Emmy Award for playing Rose Nylund on … Read more