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‘The Golden Girls’: Why Betty White Would Say ‘Four Old Broads are so Non-Threatening’

How did The Golden Girls get away with everything they said on the show? Betty White has a special theory.

Certainly, The Golden Girls were known for their humor. But the show was iconic for so many more reasons than just laughs. The show changed the way the world perceived people past a certain age. It also proved that shows about older people could make tons of money. What many people don’t realize is that The Golden Girls also pushed the envelope as far as what was considered appropriate topics for television. Multiple times throughout its seven seasons, the show tackled homophobia. Today, the show is considered a pioneer for gay rights. But most people didn’t even realize the show was so progressive. During an interview in 2008, Rue McClanahan who played Blanche on The Golden Girls talked about why the show was able to embrace topics that other shows were too intimidated to touch.

“I think because maybe we could get by with so much,” said McClanahan. “I heard Betty White say this so many times: ‘Four old broads are so non-threatening.’ We could do and say a lot of things that shows with younger actors couldn’t.”

Rue McClanahan Said That Blanche From The Golden Girls Would Be Envious Of Her ‘Steamy Sex Scenes’

Undoubtedly, Blanche Devereaux was a vibrant, flirtatious, southern bell. Naturally, one would assume that an actress playing a character like Blanche would also be confident. But that wasn’t always the case. Just like all of us, Rue McClanahan struggled with her own insecurities. However, during the same interview, McClanahan shared that getting into character for The Golden Girls helped her to feel more confident.

“It gave me a lot more self-confidence,” said McClanahan. “I realized that she thinks she’s the cat’s meow, crazy about herself, very outgoing, thinks that she’s beautiful. And I figured, I’m playing the part—why don’t I start feeling that way, too. I became much less shy.”

Nothing like some Blanche-vibes to boost your self-esteem! McClanahan added that she used to imagine what Blanche would think of the other roles she played. In 2008, she landed a role in the Logo series Sordid Lives: The Series. For the show, she had a few steamy scenes.

“I have several steamy sex scenes. They’re wild and raucous,” said McClanahan. “I suppose Blanche would probably approve. I also have a very sweet love scene. Blanche would be envious, if anything.”

We’re sure all The Golden Girls would have been envious of those scenes!

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