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Netflix Tossed At Least a Third of a Billion Dollars To The Witcher

The most-talked-about Netflix show, The Witcher will see Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia for the last time in the upcoming season 3. Since its premiere in 2019, the Netflix Original has earned a lot of praise for its stunning production. The drama has grand sets and grander characters. To create such a sensational show, the production has to spend a lot of money as well. Combined with the previous seasons, the third season of the show ‘tossed a lot of coins’ to the Witcher.

To bring life to a fictional character and stories, there are a lot of things that would need the attention of a creator. However, if one fails to bring attention to the smallest of details, all the creation goes in vain. However, The Witcher saga on Netflix became a fan favorite instantly. The show’s creators invested a lot of mind and money to bring the details from the books and portray them as accurately as they could. According to Forbes, until the forthcoming season of the show, the production has spent more than $300 million alone on the first two seasons.

This tremendous amount of money includes the spin-off series, The Witcher: Blood Origin as well. As per reports, the first season of the show spent $92.1 million. The average cost per episode in the first season was $11.5 million. Because the second season was affected by the global pandemic, the total budget of the second season was $176.3 million. And the per episode cost was a huge raise. It went up to $22 million.

Until the third season of the Netflix drama came to light, the show makers also released a prequel series around Christmas 2022. While fans were grieving the news of the British actor’s departure, Netflix released The Witcher: Blood Origin with a total budget of $50.3 million. Without a doubt, bringing Witcher to life was a costly affair.

So, what about the upcoming season and the spin-offs?

How much did the Henry Cavill starer show spend on the production of the upcoming season?

The previously mentioned numbers do not include the cost of the third season’s production. However, looking at the previously increased budget in each season, certainly, the amount spent on the upcoming season would exceed the numbers.

With Liam Hemsworth taking over the role, the preparations for the fourth season have already started. Although there are a lot of new things happening in the Witcher world, fans can not wait for the third season to land. And even before that lands, they are eagerly awaiting the trailer of the same which has not been released even now.

While waiting for the accurate budget details, every Witcher fan is waiting for the third season to land on Netflix. The first volume of season 3 will be aired on the 29th of June. Do you think the upcoming season would be more extravagant in terms of budget? Let us know in the comments below.


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