The Sopranos

Aaron Rodgers never ‘got into The Sopranos’

Another day, another thing we learned about Aaron Rodgers’ preferences regarding TV shows set in New Jersey.

Tuesday, Rodgers revealed that he was a fan of “Jersey Shore” back in the day, and was surprised to learn that 30-year-old tight end C.J. Uzomah had never seen it.

Wednesday, Rodgers joined Adam Schein on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, and confessed that he was never a big “Sopranos” guy.

The topic came up when Schein asked the Jets quarterback what Jersey culture he liked besides “Jersey Shore.”

“I love the Boss [Bruce Springsteen]. I love Bon Jovi. I never really got into ‘Sopranos’, which is crazy because I’ve watched all the other mob movies, you know, ‘Godfather’, ‘Casino’, ‘Goodfellas’, on and on. Never really got into ‘Sopranos’, though,” Rodgers said.

Would he ever give it a shot?

“I would try it. I’d be up for trying it for sure,” Rodgers said. “I just, I’m kind of a one-show-at-a-time type of guy. And I think there was, that was the time I guess I feel like ‘Lost’ was going on maybe during that time and ‘Entourage’ and some other things.

“So I’m kind of a one-show-at-a-time type of guy, so I just didn’t have the time. Like I said, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I don’t, I just didn’t have the time to kind of binge that show. But I mean, I bet I’d love it, because it’s one of the iconic shows of our generation.”

It would be interesting to hear how he liked the show if he binged it for the first time now as opposed to how most people view it today, rewatching it through the lens of nostalgia.

If he makes it through Season 3, given his content sensibilities it is one of the safest bets in the history of bets that he would love the “Pine Barrens” episode where Paulie and Christopher search for a former Russian commando in the snow-covered woods.

In other news that is unsurprising given how much he has been out and about town since getting officially traded from the Packers to the Jets, Rodgers also announced that he will take in a Taylor Swift concert at MetLife Stadium this weekend.

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