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Better Call Saul’s Real Villain? Kim Wexler, And We’re Not Even Sorry

One of the most intriguing and enigmatic characters on Better Call Saul is Kim Wexler, the smart and ambitious attorney who works alongside Jimmy McGill.

While she has shown many admirable qualities, such as her loyalty, resilience and empathy, some fans have speculated that she may be hiding a dark side.

One of the main reasons why some viewers suspect Kim of being a villain is her association with Jimmy, who is not exactly a model citizen.

Throughout the series, we see the future Saul engage in various illegal and unethical activities, such as forging documents, bribing officials, and even committing fraud.

While Kim initially tries to keep him in check and uphold the law, she also seems to enjoy the thrill of breaking the rules and bending the truth.

Another example of Kim’s moral ambiguity is her treatment of her client and friend Kevin Wachtell, a wealthy businessman who hires her to help him secure a lucrative mining deal for his bank, Mesa Verde, in New Mexico.

While Kim initially sympathizes with Kevin’s goal, she later reveals that she has a hidden agenda to exploit his ambition for her own gain and ultimately sabotage Mesa Verde’s plans.

But the most striking example of Kim’s amorality is her involvement in a scheme to deceive and defraud a wealthy businessman named Howard Hamlin, who is also her former boss.

In season 6, Kim and Jimmy devise a plan to make Howard believe he is losing his mind and reputation by staging fake accidents and encounters that cause him to doubt his memory and sanity.

While Slippin’ Jimmy is initially reluctant to go through with the scam, Kim encourages him and even takes a leading role in its execution.

When Howard confronts her about her role in the scheme, Kim coldly dismisses his feelings and justifies her actions as a way to vindicate Jimmy and punish her former boss for his past mistreatment of Saul.

On the other hand, fans defend Kim, saying she’s not that evil. She has shown genuine compassion and kindness to others, especially those who are less fortunate or marginalized.

Kim used her Mesa Verde money to volunteer for pro bono clients. Although this is the consequence of her remorse.

The question of Kim’s morality is highly controversial.

While there are certainly some indications that she may have a dark side, there are also many factors that point to her being a sympathetic and complex character who is struggling to find her place in the world.

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