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Golden Girls: 10 Things Even Diehard Didn’t Know About Rose

Rose Nyland of Golden Girls has displayed some hilarious antics, but there are some things even diehard fans may not know.

Rose Nylund might not be the sharpest tool in the shed or the brightest crayon in the box, but she is the most loving and caring friend a girl could ask for. Fans adored Rose for sweet naivety and her unwavering cheerful disposition. Fans could always count on Rose to put a smile on their face with her bright outlook on life and her hard to believe stories about St. Olaf.

After watching Rose’s hilarious shenanigans for eight years during her time on the Golden Girls and the Golden Palace, fans might think they have Rose all figured out. Rose might not be able to tell a lie, except when it comes to her hair color, but she is good at keeping secrets. Here are ten things even diehard fans didn’t know about Rose Nylund.

Real Animal Lover

Rose was constantly sneaking animals into their beautiful Miami home. Whether it was a dog or piano playing chickens, Rose always found a way to hide them out for a few days until Blanche found out. Every fan knows Rose was a huge animal lover as she often talked about her time on the farm in St. Olaf and would have Dreyfus over for play dates.

What fans might not know is that Betty White herself is a huge animal lover as she has worked closely with the Los Angeles Zoo and the Morrison Animal Foundation, an organization that researches veterinary medicine for companion animals and wildlife, for over 50 years.

Originally was Going to be Cast as Blanche

Fans could not imagine a world in where Rue McClanahan would play a gullible farm girl or where Betty White would be a sultry southern vixen. But it almost happened. The creators initially offered the role of Blanche to Betty White and they wanted Rue McClanahan to audition for Rose.

During Rue’s audition for Rose, they asked her to read the part of Blanche as well. Betty White was then called in to read the part of Rose and everything clicked. The women not only switched roles, but were happy to do so. Fans are happy about the decision as well.

Rue and Betty Had Worked Together Before

Rue McClanahan and Betty White had great chemistry on the Golden Girls and this may be because the two actresses had previously worked together. In 1983 Betty and Rue starred in a sitcom series called Mama’s Family. Rue played Fran Crowley, Mama’s sister, and Betty White was cast as Mama’s eldest daughter, Ellen.

When Mama’s Family was cancelled after its first season, it was later picked back up and became a successful sitcom series, it allowed Rue and Betty to accept the roles of Blanche and Rose on the Golden Girls.

Had 5 Children

Fans never see much of Rose’s children as only two of her kids, Bridget and Kirsten, visited her in Miami during the Golden Girls’s seven year span. Rose had five children with her husband, Charlie. Besides Kirsten and Bridget, Rose had another daughter named Gunilla and two sons named Adam and Charlie Jr.

Even though Rose doesn’t see her children on a regular basis, she does obviously love them which was proven when Miles wanted Rose to go into hiding with him after they discovered the Cheeseman was alive. Rose couldn’t agree to go with Miles as she would not only lose contact with her best friends, but also her children.

Was Valedictorian of Her High School Class

Every fan of the Golden Girls knows Rose is not the brains behind the operation, but she does have certain areas of expertise such as Viking knowledge. While it may be hard to believe, Rose was the valedictorian of her high school as she was not only ranked number 4 out of 19 students, but she also drew the longest straw.

Not only did Rose earn the title of valedictorian, but she was also was voted “most likely to get stuck in a tuba”. Her classmates would be so proud of her succeeding as a grief counselor and an associate producer for Wake UpMiami, and not being stuck in a tuba.

Was One of Nine Children

Rose often talks about her innocent childhood in St. Olaf, Minnesota. She enjoyed telling Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia all about her crazy tales on the farm where she grew up with her adoptive parents, Gunter and Alma, and her eight siblings. Raising nine kids seems like a lot of work but Rose stated that her parents loved all nine of them equally.

Rose’s family didn’t visit her often in Miami and only two out of her eight siblings ever appeared on the show. Holly and Lily were the only two to visit their sister during the Golden Girl’s seven seasons.

Co-Owned a Hotel

Fans of the beloved Golden Girls might be wondering what became of the simple minded Rose. Did her and Blanche continue to live together? Did she continue to work as a grief counselor? Turns out Rose did continue to live with Sophia and Blanche as the women decided to buy a hotel together called the Golden Palace.

In the Golden Girls spin off series Golden Palace fans find out that after Dorothy’s departure, the three remaining women became hotel owners and ended up doing much of the work themselves as the hotel came with no staff. There is never a dull moment with these ladies.

Did Not Marry Miles

After Rose’s husband, Charlie, passed away Rose thought she might never find love again until she met Miles. Fans adored the couple as they balanced each other out and found their differences enchanting. Many fans hoped the two would go the distance as they had been through so many ups and downs together.

Unfortunately fans discovered in the spin off series Golden Palace, the couple couldn’t make it work. Miles ended up falling for another woman and married her instead of Rose. Even though it’s sad the two didn’t end up together, Rose still had her best friends to help her through the break up.

Her and Charlie were Married on February 12th

Charlie was the real love of Rose’s life as the two were happily married for 32 years and raised five children together. The two had known each other since they were kids and fell in love at a dance. Sweet Rose was a virgin on her wedding night which was February 12th, 1948.

Rose is a simple girl with simple taste and that was proven in her choice of a wedding gown. In season 6, episode 17 “There Goes the Bride Part 2” Rose revealed to other ladies that she wore a white flannel dress to her wedding. Her fashion sense is probably what attracted Charlie to her in the first place.

Won An Emmy For Her Role

Betty White was the best Rose Nylund fans could ask for and the judges for the Emmy’s agreed. Betty White was not only nominated several times for Golden Globes and Emmy awards during the Golden Girl’s seven season run, she also won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 1986 for her role as Rose.

Betty White’s acceptance speech was touching as she told the crowd that the four women on the Golden Girls are a packaged deal and she couldn’t thank everyone enough for taking a chance on four old broads… she meant ladies.

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