House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon S2 Promises a Major Game-Changer for Alicent Hightower

She’s about to get more powerful than ever.

Although House of the Dragon was intense from the beginning, the first season was written as an introduction to the story that will take place in season 2. Viewers got to know the characters, get into the plot, pick their personal favorites, and start rooting for them.

Season 2, however, is about to change everything, as both branches of the Targaryen family will enter the battlefield to start a real war for the Iron Throne. While most fans may have already decided whether they’re Team Green or Team Black, the events of the upcoming episodes are likely to change that.

What Happens to Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon Season 2?

Even though many viewers came to despise Alicent Hightower during the first season, there is still a chance for her to either redeem herself or attract more attention by becoming even more unhinged. Knowing how George R.R. Martin’s adaptations tend to go, the latter option is far more realistic than the former.

Olivia Cooke, who portrays Alicent on the show, also teased some big changes in her character’s story while talking about season 2 at the show’s premiere. When asked what she’s most excited for fans to see, Cooke was quick to point out a change that viewers may not have seen coming:

“I left the castle. That was huge for me, you know. I went to Spain. I went to Wales and I went to Surrey. I’m excited for people to see me out of the castle,” the actress said.

As the wife of the late King Viserys Targryen, Alicent quite literally spent most of her life in the castle, either tending to his needs or making decisions for him when he was too ill to make them himself. She was used to the feeling of power, but never faced the harsh reality behind the castle walls.

This time, however, Alicent may have to fight for her power, with her son Aegon II now crowned King and her father back as the Hand. However, seeing the horrors of war for herself, rather than hearing about them in reports, may change her approach to it.

Either way, this change is very exciting for the character and shows how many twists and turns season 2 may bring. If you are interested in seeing where House of the Dragon will take other characters in the upcoming season, be sure to tune in to HBO on June 16 to not miss the premiere.

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