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House of the Dragon Season 2 Drastically Cuts the Number of Episodes: Here’s Why It’s Good

The fans will get less now, but it seems to be worth it.

House of the Dragon’s highly anticipated season 2 is only a month away from finally arriving at the streaming, and one particular detail about the upcoming installment’s episodes may come as something disappointingly unexpected for the show’s fans.

The recent reports have recently revealed that the season’s overall run was shortened to 8 episodes instead of usual 10 with the prequel’s creators noting that it wasn’t up to them after all. However, House of the Dragon’s exciting future may have chances to make it up to the second season’s alleged imperfection.

Talking about the upcoming season to Entertainment Weekly, House of the Dragon’s writer Sara Hess opened up about some major changes that the show’s next installment had to endure.

A Shorter Season 2 Is Good For Season 3

Commenting on the decision to cut the season to a smaller amount of episodes, Hess admitted that she hadn’t been consulted about this by the series’ creators adding that she still had no clue about the reasons for the cut-back.

Despite the seemingly bad news for those who expected to see the grand battle divided into not less than 10 parts, such a decision may indeed come as a blessing in disguise.

According to Hess, House of the Dragon’s creators already had some time to start working on a potential season 3 that can be greenlit soon after the second one hits the streaming.

As Hess later put it, she and other writer Ryan Condal are now diving deep into what can possibly happen in the next season, also eyeing a perspective of releasing new seasons every year.

There’s thus no doubt that such an ambitious goal is pretty hard to reach without solid preparation in advance.


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