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Kit Harington’s Update on Jon Snow Spinoff Confirms Fans’ Worst Fears

Kit Harington doesn’t give up hope entirely, but it doesn’t look promising anyway.

Game of Thrones finished its television run back in 2019, but its story is quite far from being put to an end. With already one successfully launched prequel House of the Dragon, the second season of which is coming in June, and all the diversity of numerous characters, George R.R. Martin’s book universe pretends to be a huge cinematic expansion.

The sad news here is that one of the most anticipated sequels of the famous show has officially been put on the shelf.

In 2022, HBO revealed its plans for an exciting sequel that will revolve around Game of Thrones’ beloved character, Jon Snow. Though after the announcement no news about the upcoming production followed, fans nonetheless were patiently waiting for updates — and in 2 years nothing particular ever happened.

It’s only now that Kit Harington, who portrayed Jon Snow in the original series, has revealed that the spin-off is no longer on HBO’s to-do list.

Why Has HBO Killed Jon Snow Spinoff?

The actor admitted that he hadn’t said anything about the potential sequel before because it was in fact being developed, so he didn’t want any details to be leaked too soon. Harington then added that eventually the creators just weren’t able to find a right and compelling angle for the story that would get everyone excited enough.

Though the actor himself seemingly doesn’t lose hope of ever seeing Jon Snow’s come-back to the screen saying that “there may be a time in the future where we return to it, but at the moment, no. It’s firmly on the shelf”.

There may be various reasons for such an unexpected decision with one of them being the fact that the HBO creators obviously prioritize Game of Thrones’ past rather than future — and House of the Dragon’s immense popularity speaks volumes.

As now the company is pretty much into prequels of the fan-favorite show — and not only House of the Dragon, but also A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight that is currently being in the works — it comes quite clear that we won’t get to see the original Game of Thrones’ characters at least for a while now.

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