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Power OG Joseph Sikora Breaks Down Tommy’s Surprise Ghost Return, Says ‘People Will Flip’ Over Force Season 2

Powerverse Lesson #1: You never want to have unfinished business with Tommy Egan.

So while Power Book II: Ghost audiences might have been surprised when Joseph Sikora‘s murderous character popped up in last week’s episode, Egan’s former family/current foes Tariq and Tasha probably should’ve seen it coming.

“Tommy, he doesn’t forget, nor does he really forgive,” said Sikora, who originated the character on Power and now plays him as the central character in Book IV: Force. The actor chatted with TVLine on Tuesday. “I mean, he has a hard time with both of those things, but I feel like Tommy’s smart enough to know that it usually ‘forgetting’ means you gotta tie up these loose ends.”

In case you missed Season 3’s penultimate hour: Before his death, lawyer-turned-federal-informant Cooper Saxe sent a bunch of letters to ensure that Tariq would go down in the event of Saxe’s demise. By the end of the episode, Tariq realized that his mother, Tasha (Power player Naturi Naughton, also an unexpected guest star) and Yaz were in danger as a result, and he raced to where they’d been living in protective custody. But Tommy got there first, and Tariq stepped between his mother and his “uncle” to protect her from his gun.

Tommy said he was there to get revenge on Tasha for killing his fianceé LaKeisha in Power‘s sixth season, Tariq said he wouldn’t let that happen, and then things got crazy and Tariq took a blow to the head, knocking him out. When he woke up at the hospital, both Tommy and his mother were missing.

Egan confirmed that the incident takes place not long after the events of Force‘s Season 1 finale. (Ghost‘s Season 3 finale, meanwhile, airs Friday at 9/8c). “As anybody knows, as soon as you get off [Interstate] 90 and turn onto [Interstate] 80, it’s about a 10.5-hour straight shot to New York,” Sikora said, chuckling. So when Tommy got word of Tasha’s whereabouts, “he could’ve been like, ‘I got that news, I gotta do it now.’ Put it on pause. Tell Diamond to keep his nose clean and stay on the straight and narrow, to handle business and go do this.’

After all, he added: “We understand what a priority the St. Patricks are, whether it’s to help them, needing them, loving them or to kill them. I mean, they are Tommy’s world, right?”

TVLine also plumbed Sikora for some scoop on Force‘s upcoming Season 2, which will premiere in September. (Watch a teaser trailer.)

“I really wanted to bring a sense of what is happening to Tommy now. I’m really excited about his adventure,” he said. I think we can really get back to the grassroots.” He cited the involvement of Season 2 showrunner Gary Lennon, who was an executive producer on Power and who takes over for series creator Robert Munic, as a driving… well, force behind the show’s rejuvenated energy.

Lennon’s “leadership really has anchored us back into the world that everybody’s gonna love,” Sikora said. “People are going to flip over Season 2.”

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