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Sorry, Team Black: HotD’s Aegon Could’ve Been a Better Ruler Than Rhaenyra

Do you think all Kings started out knowing everything?

If there’s one thing House of The Dragon has done right from the start, it’s set up the same level of rivalry as Game of Thrones, even with only one family to focus on.

For those who were familiar with the books, the split into two teams of Targaryens, Team Black and Team Green, wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but those who started out as viewers of the show were definitely shocked by every plot twist that the first season had to offer. No matter who you’re rooting for, it’s safe to say that even more drama is in store when season 2 kicks off.

For now, though, fans are patiently waiting for news on when the next season will be released and theorizing about what could have gone differently. Of course, since the TV show is also based on George R.R. Martin’s book series, there isn’t much creative freedom for the showrunners to explore.

But that’s what makes fan content so appealing: it doesn’t have to be bound by anything. Besides, as many House of the Dragon viewers now believe, if the war hadn’t happened and Aegon II had a way to get the throne peacefully, he might not have been as bad a king as many people imagine.

Aegon Is The Worst in Season 1

From what we saw of Aegon in the first season of the show, he’s not the most pleasant person to be around. Raised by a slightly neurotic mother obsessed with the idea of revenge against his half-sister Rhaenyra, he didn’t really experience much parental love and guidance.

While his father was largely absent from his childhood through his teenage years, showing a clear preference for his first-born, Rhaenyra, his mother was traumatized by her forced marriage and simply put an immense amount of pressure on his shoulders, just as his grandfather had once done to her.

Trapped in this position, he at least had a little fun with his nephews while they were growing up, but even that was eventually taken away by adult drama. What was left was a prince who felt lonely and rejected any responsibility his family tried to impose on him.

Aegon turned to wine, women, and violence because that life seemed far more exciting than his own. Though the abuse and harassment he put people through at his hands deserves no excuse, the way he came to act that way is understandable given the circumstances of his upbringing.

That being said, he could have been a very decent king if it weren’t for the impending war.

Why Aegon II Targaryen Would Be A Good King?

Assuming he ascends the Iron Throne peacefully, without Rhaenys bursting out of the ground and killing hundreds of civilians, and without Daemon trying to put his head on a spike, Aegon would be forced to ease himself into the duties of kingship.

Out of spite for his mother, Alicent, and his grandfather, Otto, who had pressured and controlled him all his life, he’d probably want to take full control of himself. Though their experience would have been a great help in the beginning, in reality, they would have only dragged the young king down and made him play to their interests.

Instead, Aegon II would’ve made his fair share of mistakes, mimicking the behavior of just about every young king in existence. If you were to look at history, you would find that kings who ascend the throne at a young age tend to be the ones who are more hot headed in their decision-making.

However, as the sudden wave of power-hungry would wash away, he would be left with enough experience to make the decisions that would benefit not only his ego but the realm as a whole. Would Aegon be the best king Westeros has ever seen? That’s doubtful. But he could have been another decent one, carrying on Viserys’ legacy.

As for Rhaenyra, well, her fate would be more questionable. Even though she is older and more mature in her decisions, she would be put under constant pressure for being the first ascending Queen. And as we saw in season 1, that pressure drives her to some very desperate measures, so this would be her worst weakness.

Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re going to see in House of the Dragon season 2. The show is just getting started, as an all-out war between two branches of the Targaryen family is about to break out. Keep an eye out for more news and updates on the season 2 release date to make sure you don’t miss out!

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