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Supernatural Franchise Receives A Disheartening Update From The CW Boss

While Supernatural keeps making great numbers for the CW, the network refuses to give the franchise another chance following The Winchesters’ failure.

After a great 15-year-long run, Supernatural, the CW’s golden show, ended in 2020. For millions of fans around the world, the severe lack of the Winchester brothers in their blood was a tragedy, and the pleas, demands, and questions about potential spin-offs have surely been half of the network’s messages ever since then.

But somehow, the CW really doesn’t want to give the franchise another chance.

The Only Supernatural Spin-Off Was Lackluster

We must point out that initially, the CW wasn’t opposed to making Supernatural spin-offs. Thanks to both fans’ and Jensen Ackles ’s (Dean Winchester) eagerness to return to the captivating world of demons, angels, and cool cars, the network greenlit a full-blown prequel series, the Winchesters, that followed Sam and Dean’s parents.

The Winchesters’ story turned out short and bitter. Being blatantly inferior to its mother show in every way, the new series disappointed fans and didn’t perform well enough for the network. The show was canceled after Season 1, and Jensen Ackles accepted defeat after spending weeks trying to find a new home for the series.

After The Winchesters, the CW seemingly decided against attempting to turn Supernatural into a franchise — against both Ackles’s and fans’ wishes.

Another Spin-Off Is Not Up To Discussion, The CW Boss Says

Four years after the finale of Supernatural, the CW executives are still being asked about potential spin-offs every time they show up outside; more so, during press conferences. It was inevitable as the network’s bosses kept avoiding direct answers — but recently, President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz finally gave it.

But you won’t like it.

“Supernatural was one of the Top 10 most-streamed [the CW] shows last year. And it’s an incredible franchise with an incredible legacy, incredible history. <…> [However,] we’ve had no discussions about any kind of spin-off,” Schwartz said.

It seems like in the foreseeable future, there will be no point in even asking about Supernatural spin-offs: The Winchesters experience scared the CW off, and neither fans nor stars of the original series are able to change the bosses’ minds anymore.

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