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The Rookie season 7 set for major change – and fans aren’t happy

The show will return in 2025

The Rookie is set for a major change in its seventh season as the show has been given a midseason release date on ABC. This means the new series won’t air until 2025.

The network’s fall schedule sees Dancing With the Stars lead the starting line-up, followed by the new drama High Potential. Neither The Rookie nor Will Trent are featured until midseason.

It’s safe to say that fans weren’t too pleased with the news and took to social media to share their disappointment. One person wrote: “The Rookie moving to midseason is not good for my mental health,” while another added: “WAIT THE ROOKIE’S BEING HELD FOR MIDSEASON?!?!?!”

While viewers may have to wait a little longer for the new season, the good news is that once it premieres, it’s thought that ABC will broadcast a non-stop run of 18 episodes.

Explaining the decision, Craig Erwich, the president of Disney Television Group, said: “The Rookie and Will Trent are two of the cornerstones of our schedule. The Rookie is an amazing story, where at this point in its life cycle [six seasons in] it continues to grow.

“We see not just the current season but past seasons drive a tremendous amount of viewing on Hulu. And Will Trent is probably one of the bigger breakout dramas of the last two years,” he told TV Line.

Craig went on to say that “the best way to platform those shows for success was to launch them in January” in order to give the shows an uninterrupted run.

“They’re going to go straight through,” he continued. “And that kind of momentum of original episodes week-in and week-out is just a very powerful engine for both of these show.”

The Rookie was renewed for a seventh season back in April, midway through ABC’s broadcast of season six.

While details about the seventh instalment have been kept under wraps, we’d expect to see all the main cast reprise their roles for the new episodes.

Celebrating the news on social media in April, Tim Bradford actor Eric Winter penned: “Oh yeah…. @therookieabc fans who’s ready?!?! So thankful to be a part of this incredible show! Love this team!”

Meanwhile, Bailey Nune actress Jenna Dewan wrote: “Ready for another season working with my favourite people.”

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the series finale, which is set to premiere on Tuesday 21 May. So far, the series has seen John and Bailey tie the knot in the show’s 100th episode, while Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford went their separate ways after Tim broke off their relationship.

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