Yellowjackets Season 3’s New Timeline Tease Sets Up A Forgotten Pilot Character’s Return After 3 Years

Yellowjackets season 3’s timeline tease makes the return of one character who hasn’t appeared since the show’s pilot episode more likely.

The team behind the show has teased the further exploration of a crucial timeline in Yellowjackets season 3, which opens up the door for a forgotten pilot episode character to make a big return. Yellowjackets season 3’s story will plunge the teens further into the desperation of survival in the wilderness while their adult counterparts deal with the aftermath of Natalie’s death, leaving plenty to reckon with in both timelines. However, a third and extremely significant timeline has been teased to get more focus in season 3, forcing the characters into a different confrontation with their actions.

Yellowjackets director Karyn Kusama shared with Variety her excitement over spending more time with the characters upon their arrival home after rescue, stating, “The concept of that immediate aftermath of re-entry into the world, to me, there’s a whole season worth of material there.” With so much left to explore from this timeline, it seems Yellowjackets season 3 may finally show the reunion between the teen survivors and their friends and family back home. If so, it’s possible that one important character from Yellowjackets’ pilot episode whose younger version hasn’t been seen since could finally return to the show.

Yellowjackets Season 3’s Post-Rescue Timeline Means The Freshman Allie Could Finally Return

Though the adult version of Allie returned in Yellowjackets’ season 1 finale for the survivors’ 25-year high school reunion, teen Allie hasn’t properly appeared since Taissa broke her leg in the show’s first episode. Allie played a surprisingly big role in Yellowjackets’ pilot, as the ‘90s timeline pre-crash showcased Allie being the only freshman on the varsity soccer team, her disappointment at not being able to go to homecoming, the team’s discussions about Allie needing to improve her game, and the scandal over Taissa breaking her leg during a scrimmage – an injury that kept her from being on the doomed flight.

With Yellowjackets season 3 having the potential to reunite the team with their former classmates post-rescue, teenage Allie could finally make another appearance on the show. Allie would have the closest link to the entire group of survivors given she was the only major player on the team who wasn’t on the plane, so she would likely make sure to reconnect with the surviving team members more upon their returns. By the time Yellowjackets’ characters are rescued, Allie will only be a junior in high school, likely having assumed the leadership role of team captain that Jackie once held.

Allie’s Return Could Revive An Element Missing From Yellowjackets Since Season 1

Though it was arguably the primary focus of Yellowjackets season 1, episode 1’s 1990s timeline, the show has largely lost its inclusion of soccer as an important part of the characters’ lives. While it makes sense that their adult versions would have gradually lost their connection to the sport, this was still a crucial part of their high school experience and upbringing until the plane crash. Adult Natalie even attended a soccer game for Kevyn’s son in Yellowjackets season 1 and gave him some tips to help him score, but the sport was almost entirely absent from season 2’s story.

If Allie were to return as a teenager for Yellowjackets season 3’s post-rescue timeline, then the series could bring back those who were rescued for a soccer game to honor the survivors and pay tribute to the fallen. Considering the team never made it to the national championship game, it’s likely that the school would still want to celebrate the girls for their accomplishments back in 1996. Furthermore, given everything that happens in the wilderness, this would be the perfect way to highlight how difficult and strange it will be for Yellowjackets’ teens to adjust back to the “normal” world.


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