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New Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Teaser Hints at Return of Rose Tyler & Twelfth Doctor

The BBC drops a new image for Doctor Who’s anniversary, and it seems to include two Easter eggs referencing Rose Tyler and the Twelfth Doctor.

As Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary draws closer, the BBC has started to post even more promotional images on social media ahead of the specials’ release, and the latest teaser may be a clue that both Rose Tyler and the Twelfth Doctor are coming back.

The three anniversary episodes, starring David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, are set to drop in November, and the BBC keeps revealing more and more details about what viewers can expect. Following the exciting announcement that Miriam Margolyes is joining Doctor Who as Beep the Meep in the specials, the network seems to be hinting at two former stars’ potential return to the series, namely Billie Piper and Peter Capaldi (via X).

On Sept. 17, the official X (formerly Twitter) account for Doctor Who shared a cryptic image that featured the Doctor’s TARDIS at the end of a long and narrow corridor. The walls are covered with posters hung by employers who are looking to hire workers for their businesses, and one poster clearly reads Henrik’s, the very department store chain Rose Tyler works at in the New Who’s first episode “Rose.” Fans are now saying that this Easter egg could easily mean that Piper will be returning to Doctor Who after all, at least for a cameo appearance in the anniversary episodes.

Another poster, situated right above the Henrik’s one, contains a reference to Glasgow, which some Doctor Who fans are ready to take in as an indication that Capaldi is coming back as well. The Twelfth Doctor has a special relationship with Glasgow, as this is the place he accidentally lands the TARDIS when he tries to get Clara back home in Season 8 Episode 1 “Deep Breath.” In Season 9 Episode 12 “Hell Bent,” the Twelfth Doctor also calls his home planet Gallifrey “Space Glasgow.”

Will Peter Capaldi or Billie Piper Be in Doctor Who’s Anniversary Episodes?

Neither Capaldi nor Piper are confirmed to be part of the cast for Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary specials yet, but viewers believe that these Easter eggs offer strong evidence that they will be making cameo appearances. The show is known to be very careful and selective with the promo images and other teasers shared publicly, so there’s definitely hope that the former stars, who were both in Doctor Who’s 50th-anniversary episode in 2013, will be making fans happy this November once more.

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