One Law & Order SVU Unexpected Couple That Fans Could Easily Get Behind (But Will Never Happen)

Unfortunately, they weren’t written to be together.

Some people love it, some people hate it, but you have to admit that the personalities of the characters have an impact on the storylines in Law & Order Special Victim Unit.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of shows in the Dick Wolf universe, and almost everyone can find something they enjoy. The majority of SVU fans admitted that they came for the cases and stayed for the character development.

That’s exactly why they can’t help but notice interesting dynamics between already existing characters, even if they know for sure that nothing will come of it.

One such would-be couple is Odafin Tutuola and Melinda Warner.

Once pointed out on Reddit, it was impossible not to notice the incredible chemistry between the respective actors Ice-T and Tamara Tunie, and not to start fantasizing about possible scenarios that could bring them together.

Fans see them as a rare opportunity for television to create a perfectly happy and healthy couple. And this is just one of many reasons why it will never realistically happen on the show.

One of the obstacles would be that Melinda has a successful marriage and two children in her family. Of course, life is full of examples of cheating and divorce, but it doesn’t feel right for her to go that route.

And the audience isn’t ready to see the characters completely change to fit someone’s romantic fantasy.

This is the rare case where fans are willing to give up a possible ship for another, perhaps even more beautiful and meaningful kind of union, which would be nice to see explored as a friendship.

As many have noted, another reason for Fin and Melinda to be attracted to each other would be that they are two African-Americans in a predominantly white working space, which is also full of danger most of the time.

Viewers can get some hints of this in the characters’ interactions, as they often give each other warnings or details that no one not affected by racism would think to give out.

Whether as a romantic couple or as working buddies united by the common enemy of prejudice, fans believe this relationship has the potential to be explored.

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