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Coronation Street airs sad update on missing Aggie Bailey

Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) has been away from Coronation Street for months and in Monday’s (November 27) episode, it was confirmed she won’t be returning anytime soon.

The character was last seen on the cobbles during the summer and due to the unexplained absence, it’s left many Corrie fans wondering if we’d actually see her again.

Tonight, Michael (Ryan Russell) revealed that Aggie wouldn’t be back with the family for Christmas, as she is currently looking after his Auntie.

Michael was sad by the development but a distracted Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) didn’t really have much to say.

This was because Ed is currently far too focused on his gambling addiction, which is spiralling out of control once again.

Busy trying to scrape enough money together to pay back a handyman called Tony, Ed faced another problem when his and Ronnie’s (Vinta Morgan) dad arrived.

As the family gathered together after lunch at the Bistro, it became apparent Sarge believed the Bailey family moved to Weatherfield a few years ago as a result of Ed’s business plan falling through.

Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) revealed the truth to Sarge, confirming Ed’s gambling addiction was the reason behind the family losing everything.

Sarge, who is incredibly set in his ways, struggled to sympathise with his son but was put in his place by Dee-Dee, who said the family supported Ed, who she sees as an incredibly strong man.

The pressure building, Ed decided to head to a GA meeting at the end of the episode.

He explained that he had relapsed and was completely terrified of the future, believing his family might not support him this time around.

But will Ed open up to any of his loved ones about the extent of his addiction?

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