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Coronation Street star George Banks calls for Henry Newton to save The Rovers

He’s got to do than just impress Gemma.

Coronation Street actor George Banks has called for Henry Newton to save The Rovers, as one of the soap’s big storylines continues.

Jenny Connor has admitted that the pub is struggling financially, and there is pressure to sell up, but with the biggest interest coming from property developers, it’s a very real threat that the Cobbles could lose its social hub.

Gemma Winter has a plan, however, which is convincing Henry Newton (her rich ex-boyfriend who still has feelings for her) to buy The Rovers.

It’s a risky tactic, since Gemma is currently leading Henry on and hiding the fact she’s married to Chesney Brown, and he may not react well if he finds out.

However, Banks has explained that Henry might go through with saving the pub, but not just for Gemma, instead he has his only personal reasons too.

“He came close to being the landlord during his l ast time in the street,” he explained. “I think the Rovers for him, as well as it for many of Corrie’s viewers, holds a special place in his heart.

“He has a lot of fond memories, he enjoys going to a place that his granddad Cecil loved as well. And actually, I think there’s a fondness for his granddad and the Rovers too. It has some really powerful memories for him and I don’t think he had realised that until now. It’s a place that he holds quite dear.

“So yeah, I think he is genuinely interested in trying to help, I’m not sure he is thinking about the business side and his heart is ruling his head a bit.”

Speaking of Henry’s heart, Banks talked about Henry’s reaction to finding out that Gemma is actually married, stating: “I think he finds that quite difficult to deal with, but he still wants to be a good man and do what he can.

“He still feels bad that he let her down when he was going to buy the Rovers last time and make her the landlady, I think he’s wanting to try and right that wrong…

“If nothing else, hopefully that will redeem him in the eyes of the viewers. The Rovers is the heart of the show, it is the social hub where everybody gets together and it’s such an iconic place…

“The Newton family have been around since the show started so it’s really part of the show’s history. For this storyline I had a real sort of rifle through back episodes and family history, and it’s certainly very interesting. ”

With all that history, it certainly seems like Henry could be the new owner of the Rovers, but is that the route the soap will actually go down?

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