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Game Of Thrones: Here’s Why Jon Snow Didn’t Become King Despite Being Popular

Would Jon Snow the King of Westeros have made Game of Thrones fans much happier than Bran? Absolutely. Could it have ever happened? Absolutely not.

The Game of Thrones finale wasn’t even divisive when it happened: divisive decisions imply someone supported them. The entire thing with Bran becoming the new King, Tyrion inventing elections, Daenerys losing her mind and dying, and Jon being exiled to the Far North either raised brows or saw them furrow as to this day, the ending of Game of Thrones is borderline universally hated.

Fans Would Have Loved Jon Snow As King

Most viewers have been rooting for one of the two characters throughout the entire series: Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow — or both. When the two became a couple in the most Targaryen fashion, there was a glimpse of hope that they would rule together. Or, after Daenerys went psycho mode, that Jon would still sit on the throne.

Even if we (pretend to) accept Daenerys’s conveniently timed madness spike and her death, Jon Snow was the most obvious and popular candidate among fans; even more so since his Targaryen legacy was revealed, proving him to be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. As picture-perfect as such a conclusion may sound, there has never been a chance of it happening, though.

And it’s not about Jon — it’s about Game of Thrones itself.

George Martin Wouldn’t Allow Jon On The Throne

Half of the charm of A Song of Ice and Fire is its deliberate opposition to fantasy cliches. George Martin’s vision has always been very different from other authors, and subverting expectations has always been one of his strongest suits. Game of Thrones, though freestyling the last few seasons, had to follow his general rules.

The problem with Jon Snow becoming the new King was exactly that it was too predictable and popular. The Lost Prince whose identity was kept a secret; the Chosen who died for his ideals and was brought back to life; the compassionate leader who never wanted power… Jon Snow was the classic tragic hero.

Making him the King in the finale would have been too Aragorny for George Martin’s liking: his story is not about achieving the classic LotR finale by different means, it’s about showing a grim and realistic version of the world. In other words, for GRRM, even Bran Stark made much more sense as the King than Jon Snow.

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