De ce rromii își căsătoresc copiii minori? Ce păţesc miresele dacă nu sunt virgine?

Romii sunt al doilea grup etnic minoritar din România, după maghiari. Potrivit datelor oficiale din anul 2011, la noi în țară sunt peste 600.000 de țigani, iar 60% dintre aceștia trăiesc în mediul rural. Tradițiile și obiceiurile romilor pot părea ciudate pentru lumea civilizată, însă multe dintre ele sunt respectate de ani buni cu sfințenie … Read more

New Wednesday Reveals Explains Why You Love Jenna Ortega So Much

Jenna Ortega’s most recent confession about her role as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s original series, Wednesday, shows why fans love her so fiercely. The latest Wednesday reveal encapsulates why fans love Jenna Ortega so much. Ortega stars as Wednesday Addams in this smash-hit Netflix original series, and her role has become iconic in popular culture. … Read more

Don Knotts’ Daughter Says ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Star Was ‘Very Loved by Women All the Time’

  While actor Don Knotts may have portrayed the bumbling, childlike Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on the classic television comedy The Andy Griffith Show, his daughter shared recently that her dad was anything but that. In fact, Karen Knotts wants his fans to know that her father was quite the opposite and had a captivating … Read more

Why The Vampire Diaries Fans Are So Divided About Elena

In 2009, a year after the release of the vampire romance “Twilight,” The CW embraced the fang-worthy frenzy with “The Vampire Diaries.” Adapted from L.J. Smith’s book series of the same name, the show introduced viewers to the ominous, yet strangely alluring town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. For the majority of its run, “The Vampire Diaries” centered … Read more

Ellen Pompeo’s Grey’s Anatomy Exit & Potential Return Addressed By Creator

Ellen Pompeo’s Grey’s Anatomy exit and potential return are addressed by series creator Shonda Rhimes, who praises her work over the years. Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes addresses star Ellen Pompeo’s exit and potential return. One of the longest-running shows on television, Rhimes took a step back from Grey’s Anatomy in 2015, though she still … Read more

Did Supernatural’s Castiel Love Dean Romantically (& Since When)

Supernatural season 15 controversially saw Castiel declare his love for Dean Winchester before dying. Was the angel really in love? And since when? Supernatural triggered a great deal of controversy by killing off Castiel immediately after the angel declared his love for Dean Winchester, but was the confession romantic in nature, and if so, when … Read more

WA-raised actor revels in his fiendish role on Starz’ ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Even though he’s acted in the likes of “Saving Private Ryan,” “Behind Enemy Lines,” “Freaks and Geeks,” “ER,” “NCIS” and “Castle,” Shane Johnson’s talents have really come to the fore in his role as Cooper Saxe in Starz’s “Power” and its sequel and spinoff series “Power Book II: Ghost,” now showing on Starz. Johnson, who … Read more