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Coronation Street star Todd Boyce breaks silence on Stephen Reid exit story

The actor is set to leave during Super Soap Week.

Coronation Street star Todd Boyce has broken his silence on Stephen Reid’s exit story.

The soap has now confirmed that Boyce will be leaving the show as part of Super Soap Week from October 9, after he recently celebrated wrapping filming with his co-stars.

Stephen is not being lined up for a happy exit from the cobbles, as the residents of Weatherfield will finally piece together some of the heinous crimes he has committed.

As Stephen’s mum Audrey and boss Carla race to confront him for his misdeeds against them, the villain is busy draining the factory’s bank account and taking his arch-nemesis Tim Metcalfe hostage.

When Digital Spy and other media recently attended a panel with Todd Boyce and producer Iain MacLeod, the actor shared his mixed feelings on saying goodbye to Coronation Street.

“It’s sad on the one hand, but it’s also gratifying because of that over-used word ‘closure’,” he explained. “It’s an arc of almost 28 years. I started in my 30s and I’m now in my early ’60s… I couldn’t have wished for anything more exciting than to be given Stephen and to be given such good writing, really.”

Boyce was also asked if he felt that Stephen’s storyline was a “fitting farewell” to a villain who has wreaked total havoc on the cobbles for more than a year.

“Without giving anything [away], I think the audience will be pleased with how it shakes out,” he answered. “I think they’ve put up with a lot of frustration.

“People have pointed out there have been many murderers in history who are undetected for decades, but in the world of soap, you can probably only put up with that kind of injustice for so long.

“I think it’s perfectly timed… I can’t be more pleased by the duration and the means by which I leave. I think it’s absolutely, yeah, perfection. I’m thrilled with it.”

As for whether Stephen could kill again before he leaves, Boyce teased: “I think, if anything gets in his way, there’s no question. He’s got all the finesse of a bulldozer at this point. He just needs to get out.”

“I think Tim [is in danger]. Peter’s putting himself in a very difficult, dangerous position,” the actor teased. “Tim, definitely, is in my sights. I’m furious with my situation so I’d kill Tim just out of anger.

“Not even out of any other reason. He’s a time bomb and he’s exploding.”

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