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First Look at Liam Hemsworth Geralt’s New Outfit in The Witcher Season 4

The fourth and penultimate season of Netflix’s The Witcher started filming not very long ago with Liam Hemsworth making his debut as Geralt of Rivia, replacing Henry Cavill. Netflix is yet to share the first look photo that they shot a few weeks ago, but today we are a little bit closer to seeing how Liam would look like as Geralt.

First look at Geralt’s new outfit in The Witcher Season 4

Unfortunately, this isn’t a first look at Liam Hemsworth as Geralt, but rather his stunt double, Joel Adrian. Still, it’s a very decent first look at what Liam will be wearing in the new season, as well as Geralt’s new wig.

Adrian played a separate witcher called Hemrik in Season 2 and did other stunt work as well in Season 3. Now he became Liam Hemsworth’s stunt double in Season 4.

The photo was taken at location shoots near Midhurst, West Sussex. Before Liam could be captured on camera, the production quickly hid him. Still, we can see it’s a fight scene happening and Geralt’s sword has blood on it. The scene itself was Geralt fighting some bandits with one of them having his throat slashed.

As we had it described to us earlier, Geralt now has a black unbuttoned leather jacket. We can sort of see how one would make the comparison to Grandmaster Wolven Armor in The Witcher 3, styling-wise, but it’s not that close.

In any case, it’s nice to see some actual filming photos. Hopefully, Netflix will drop the first look photo soon as well.

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