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HoTD S2 Leaks Are Getting Out Of Hand And Cause Too Much Chaos In Fandom

It’s hard to imagine how bad it’ll get near the end of shooting.

It’s safe to say that the House of The Dragon fandom has inherited its love of drama and chaos from the original show’s fanbase.

If you don’t enjoy fandom wars and don’t find a lot of adults screaming at each other online over the rule of fictional teams, you should probably stay away from HoTD Reddit or HoTD Twitter.

Fans already found enough reasons to argue with each other in the original source material, George R. R. Martin’s books, and the first season of the show.

But leaks from the season 2 set in Spain, mostly from people claiming to be extras, made the conversation even more heated.

It’s hard not to get excited when you see your favorite actresses walking around the set in beautiful period dresses in the color of their house, and it’s even harder to stay calm when the show takes time to celebrate the opposing team.

With so many different leaks coming from such unreliable sources, it’s time for fans to start questioning them instead of taking everything as pure truth.

The actors have apparently been filming the same few scenes for days now, which means they’ll be longer than any leak and could provide a lot of context that’s missing now.

Filming has just started, so any actor not seen on set will probably have their scenes and appear later.

Finally, all the leaks may turn out to be fake. The amount of people spoiling what are supposed to be some of the most impactful scenes for season 2 is truly staggering, and some fans have their doubts that HBO is orchestrating it all just to spark more conversation.

What’s more, it’s possible that the scenes are deliberately designed to confuse fans.

Either way, it’s time for HBO to check in with set security and make sure the leaks stop. After all, even the most loyal fans need to rest and save their energy for the actual season premiere.

As there is no official release date announcement yet, you can go ahead and rewatch season 1 of House of The Dragon on MAX instead.

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