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Millie Bobby Brown is So Ready to Say Goodbye to Stranger Things

Can’t say we actually blame her, but we will miss her.

Millie Bobby Brown, the prodigious talent who catapulted to fame with her role as Eleven in Netflix’s cult phenomenon “Stranger Things, ” is ready to say “thank you and goodbye” to the very series that defined her career.

The British actress opened up in a candid interview with Glamour, stating, “‘Stranger Things’ takes up a lot of time to film & it’s preventing me from creating stories that I’m passionate about.”

Born in 2004, Brown entered the world of “Stranger Things” when she was barely in her preteens. Her portrayal of Eleven, a mysterious girl with psychokinetic abilities, became an instant cultural sensation. But as she steps into her twenties, Brown is keen on leaving behind the legacy but not the limitations of the character. The concern of typecasting looms large, a pitfall that has consumed many actors who found fame early on. But if anyone can sidestep it, it’s Brown.

And we can’t blame her for wanting to diversify.

The industry is fickle; pigeonholing is often the name of the game. Brown doesn’t want to be another Aaron Paul, who despite his enormous talent, is often still recognized as Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad.”

She wants to build a repertoire of roles that showcase her range, something she has already started doing with projects like “Enola Holmes” and “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

At this point, fans are just hoping for a worthy ending, although it’s clear now, amid the ongoing SAG strike, that the wait for the final season of “Stranger Things” will be a long one. It’s unclear what’s the release window as of now, but one thing is certain already: there’s no chance “Stranger Things” season 5 is coming in 2024. So, 2025, at the very least, it seems.

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