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Stranger Things Killed All Our Hopes For Stancy Getting Back Together

After years of long-lasting love triangle, season 4 finally gave us the answers we needed. Be careful, you may not leave satisfied.

During Stranger Things season 4, Nancy and Jonathan were anywhere but not close to each other, which made the fans immediately start freaking out over the fact that Stancy can get back together.

To tell the truth, we were watching the new episodes holding our breaths seeing how the flame between two ex-lovers, Steve and Nancy, was gradually sparkling.

But nothing seems to be easy when it comes to love triangles, so showrunners left us with nothing at the end, making fans wait for the last season. Or, did they?

We first were introduced to Nancy Wheeler in season 1 as a typical smart big sister, who is very serious about her studies, but dates a school heartthrob, Steve Harrington.

Though those two seemed to be from different poles, their feelings for each other never called us into question.

However, when Hawkins starts experiencing mysterious deaths — including Nancy’s best friend Bard — the lovebirds’ nest falls apart.

And here is when Jonathan Byers enters the picture.

The rapprochement between these two starts when they both try to figure out the Upside World and the bond becomes stronger by the end of season 2, when Nancy and Jonathan make it official.

Even though the couple seemed to be right, the fact that Steve was left out didn’t let go.

Every time Stancy appeared together on the screen, which definitely didn’t happen much, the undeniable tension and outspokenness were in the air, and season 4 established the feeling even more.

After Jonathan moves from Hawkins in season 4, the couple enters the stage of a long-distance relationship and constant seesaw, while Steve, a completely changed grown-up man, is right beside Nancy in a war against Vecna.

But Steve is not the only one who took his time to grow up.

Season 4 gives us another perspective of Nancy herself, as she appears as a mature independent woman with her own goals and career desires.

And that’s when the viewers get it. Nancy doesn’t need anybody. She is the freest when she is on her own pursuing and discovering the next mystery.

Nancy is a person who is willing to constantly grow, she is destined for something bigger and Hawkins is not a place where she can get it.

It becomes clear that this young and fearless woman is going to follow her dreams and Steve or Jonathan can be those who would drag her back.

There is no need to associate Nancy Wheeler with any boy in the upcoming season.

This woman has proved countless times that she is the power and the brain of the group and that she doesn’t need any man to keep up with.

No matter how much we might have wanted her to wind up with Steve or Jonathan, season 4 seems to let us know that right now the only thing Nancy needs is to move forward and not stand still and, even more so, — not to go back to the past.

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